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‘aDaVista has now helped me re Data Protection registration on 2 occasions, one for my own consultancy business - where I had already realised that I needed to register, but had not got it right, thereby contravening the law and secondly as Treasurer of Essex Business Club, advising that we did need registration, despite the initial comment from the ICO ‘Help’ Desk that we did not.  A small price to pay for peace of mind and also, in this day and age, showing that you are compliant undoubtedly raises opportunities to gain more business.  Whenever relevant, I ensure that aDaVista is included in recommendations to my clients.’
International Trade Financial Solutions

"We already had a Notification registered with the Information Commissioner's Office, but when we met Robyn from aDaVista, we discovered how much more is required to ensure compliance with the Data Protection Act 1998. Robyn made the whole process painless, and it only took a little bit of time on our part.  We are happy to recommend Robyn's work and help promote the importance of compliance."
Softlink Solutions Ltd

Dear Robyn. I would like to thank you for all your help setting up my data protection policy for my business. I did not know there was so much involved with the paper work and knowing my schedule I would never have completed it with out the help of aDaVista. Your service is very unique and I hope more and more people understand the possible implications of the law when it comes to protecting themselves and their clients. I will endeavor to spread the word to fellow practitioners and will not hesitate to pass on your details to them. Thank you once again."
Oriental Therapy

If the Data Protection Act is something you know you should act upon but have not registered yet, then take my advice. Like many business owners I was weighed down with legislation that the company had to adhere, so I was extremely pleased to come across the services of aDaVista. Just 45 minutes with Robyn Banks solved my 4 year on-off relationship with the Data Protection Act forms!  Within in no time we were registered, compliant, had all the necessary policies ... and what's more, at a price we could afford to pay.  Thanks Robyn, a great job done and a weight off my shoulders.
A&K Office Products Ltd

"I met Robyn Banks of aDaVista at the beginning of 2005, through a mutual contact. As a lawyer, I am always a little wary of people from other professional backgrounds selling law-related products and services. However, my misgivings were soon laid to rest, when I realised that AdaVistas services are based on many years of sound, practical experience, utilised in a highly professional and at the same time innovative way.It is never easy for a lawyer to admit there might be something they dont know about the law! but after watching one presentation by Robyn, I had to admit I needed her help!

After becoming a Client of aDaVista myself, I now recommend the Company regularly to my own Clients. I am in fact currently looking at ways of giving aDaVista an outlet for the expanding range of services through my own business.

Every business needs a unique selling point and in this case, the services are it."
Griffiths Legal Consultants

"I already had some knowledge of the Data Protection Act requirements, but after a visit from Robyn of aDaVista much more was revealed. The work was quickly completed and very thorough. I am happy to recommend this service as an easy and cost-effective solution to achieving compliance with the Data Protection legislation."
Computer Confidence Ltd

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Q: Do I need to register a Notification with the Information Commissioners Office?

A: Regardless of how data are processed, compliance with the Act is a legal requirement. However, if you only hold data in a manual format, or electronically for three very specific reasons, then Notification may not be required. Best thing to be sure is check it out with a 'specialist'.


Q: What is the Freedom of Information Act 2000?

A: A piece of legislation permitting access to information held by public authorities - came into force 1st January 2005.

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