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GDPR, Data Protecton Act 2018, Freedom of Information Act 2000 - ADAVISTA can guide you through it


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People want to be more and better informed – with all the hi-tech developments, we are living in an age where people crave information. . . . . . BUT we also need to be confident that our information, beit personal or corporate, is not being mis-used.  Personal – you can check with anyone, but the use of corporate data, you can only check on the use of data held by public authorities.

To try to address this issue, we now have the Data Protection Act 1998 for personal data and the Freedom of Information Act 2000 for non-personal data held by public authorities – schools, hospitals, Primary Health Care Trusts, doctors, pharmacies, dentists - to name but a few of the 100,000 approx in the United Kingdom.

SO – if you want to tender for contracts with these organisations, why not utilise the law to YOUR benefit – find out who else is bidding!  Want to target-market a sector?  Again, use the law!

HOW DOES THIS AFFECT THE PRIVATE SECTOR? it rubs off! This piece of legislation impacts on companies in two ways:-

If you have a contract with a public authority your company correspondence and other information may be placed in the public domain without your knowledge! Is the public authority itself compliant? We can advise on Best Practice when you are working with public authorities to protect some of your information.

If you are entering negotiations / tender process with a public authority, USE the legislation to learn about the tender, what is expected, who are your competitors? Again, we can advise you on how to proceed and whether the in
formation disclosed, should be.

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Q: Do I need to register a Notification with the Information Commissioners Office?

A: Regardless of how data are processed, compliance with the Act is a legal requirement. However, if you only hold data in a manual format, or electronically for three very specific reasons, then Notification may not be required. Best thing to be sure is check it out with a 'specialist'.


Q: What is the Freedom of Information Act 2000?

A: A piece of legislation permitting access to information held by public authorities - came into force 1st January 2005.

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